Icon Design & Illustration for TAP Air Portugal

New visuals

Back in 2015, I was lucky enough to enter the TAP Air Portugal’s new website project. The UI was designed by João Nunes and Susana Carvalho and I had the task of designing from zero the big family of icons and many illustrations that appear throughout the pages. It was a lot of work but it was great to be able to have such a big input on a project of this scale for a big brand like TAP.

01 — Designing the icons

The previous icons were different from each other: different sizes, different strokes, some were filled shapes, some were only lines, an so on. So from the very beginning I set up a few rules so that the icons felt like they belong to the same family.


Same height — by using the same height for all I’m making sure that one doesn’t appear different or more important than the other when used in the same context.

Same stroke weight — the reason for using the same stroke is very similar to the same height rule. It’s a way of unifying all icons as to maintain consistency.

Rounded corners — the use of thick rounded lines makes the icons communicate in a more friendly and less stiff way as opposed to sharp edges.

I designed a total of 348 icons.

02 — Creating the illustrations

TAP’s colour palette is essentially red and green. These opposing colours create maximum contrast providing a vibrant look especially when used at full saturation and have a tendency to clash. So the challenge was to manage the colour scheme in a harmonious way.